Sitter just nu i Oslo och väntar på mitt flyg som tar mig till Oakland. Har bara sovit ungefär två timmar inatt då jag var så rädd att jag inte skulle vakna av mitt alarm kl 04.00. Ska försöka sova lite nu innan nästa flyg och förhoppningsvis så kan jag sova mestadels av min 10.5 timmars resa till USA! Uppdaterar när jag är framme i Kalifornien! Längtar tills värmen!!!! ..... och Edison, Pepe, kompisar mm.... haha. Hörs sen!

// Currently at Oslo Airport waiting for my next flight that will take me to Oakland. Only slept about two hours last night, as I was worried to not wake up from my alarm at 4am. Gonna try to nap for a little now, before the next flight, and hopefully I can get some good sleep on my 10.5.h flight to Oakland! I'll post something once I get to Cali as well! Can't wait for the warm weather!! .... and of course to see Edison, Pepe, friends etc.. lol. Talk later!

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Lately I've been pretty bad at getting enough protein in me after my training as my love for fruit has taken over.. I recently got a new protein powder from Garden of Life which is a raw organic plant-based protein and honestly it doesn't taste very good as it is so maybe that's the reason for my lack of motivation to get my proteins after my training... so I figured I would try to combine my smoothie addiction with my protein powder. I literally threw everything in there that I had at home, but it turned out pretty good and it has lots of protein!

Approximately 22g Protein / 40 g Carbs / 7g Fat


x Orange Juice, strawberries, blueberries, banana + chia seeds

x Say milk (accidentally bought one with vanilla flavor.. but regular is fine!)

x 1 scoop Garden of Life - Recovery & 1/2 scoop Raw Organic Protein (Vanilla)

What's your go to protein snack/post workout??

// På senaste tiden så har jag haft svårt att få i mig nog med protein efter träningarna då min kärlek för frukt har tagit över! haha. Jag köpte nyss ett nytt ekologiskt plant-baserat proteinpulver som tyvärr inte smakar särskilt gott som det är. Detta kanske är anledningen till att jag inte har haft nån lust att slänga ihop en shake efter träningen på sistone.. istället så tänkte jag att jag kombinerar mitt smoothie beroende med mitt, inte så goda, protein pulver. Det slutade med att jag slängde i nästintill allt jag hade här hemma. Aja det blev hallfall ganska gott och har mycket protein!

Ca 22g Protein / 40g kolhydrater / 7g fett


x Apelsinjuice, jordgubbar, blåbär, banan + chiafrön

x Sojamjölk (köpte av misstag med vaniljsmak men vanlig funkar fint!)

x 1 skopa Garden of Life - Recovery & 1/2 skopa Raw Organic Protein (vanilj)

Vad är ert protein mellanmål/efter trainings måltid?



Några bilder från vår resa till Lofoten. Vi åkte till en fin strand och ser ni hur vackert det var!! Helt sagolikt! Ser ut som att det var jättefint väder och varmt, men kan meddela att skenet bedrar ibland... Sjukt blåsigt och otroligt kallt, och regnade precis innan och efter jag tog dessa bilder. Men vackert iallafall!

//Some pictures from our trip to Lofoten. We went to a beach and look how beautiful! It looks like the weather was super nice and warm but gotta tell you that that's false... It was so windy and cold, and even rained right before and after we took these pictures. At least it was beautiful!

Denna vecka är vår sista vecka före vårt sommaruppehåll och vi har två matcher. En på onsdag och en på söndag. På onsdag så flyger vi till Oslo och så kommer min vän Vendela förhoppningsvis kunna komma och kolla. På söndag spelar vi mot Stabaek för andra gången i år. Sen nästa vecka, på tisdagen den 4de juli, så flyger jag äntligen tillbaka till Kalifornien. Dagen efter firar jag och Edison två år tillsammans. Längtar!

//This week is our last week before our summer break with a game Wednesday and Sunday. On Wednesday we fly to Oslo and hopefully my friend Vendela will be able to make the game too! On Sunday is home game against Stabaek which we are playing for the second time this year. Then finally, I fly back to California on July 4th, just in time for mine and Edison's two year anniversary! Can't wait!



Hung out a lot with my teammates, especially with Jo, Callie and Morgan and at their house. The following semester Callie moved out (because she was a senior) and I moved in. It was such a big and nice house and we had so many fun parties there!

I dyed my hair dark brown but absolutely hated it so had to put highlights in it. It probably lasted me of like 2 years and I absolutely loved it! What do you guys think, should I go dark again?

My family came to visit me for spring break and we went on a road trip around California. We stopped in Yosemite, San Francisco, toke Highway 1 down to Santa Barbara and then onto LA. Went to the Hollywood sign, visited Universal Studios did some window shopping at Rodeo Driva and walked along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We also celebrated my mom's birthday! 

Went to my first Night of Champions which is the athletic banquet at the end of the school year. Here's with some of my teammates.

My dear Swedish friend Antonia and I studied a lot for our Finals while both of us were recovering from concussions + Antonia had a neck injury too. Poor Anton!!!

Time to say goodbye to some of my dorm friends and Antonia that was unfortunately only there for one year. After this, I left to go back to Sweden over the summer to recover from my concussion.



Lately I've been focusing my individual training a lot of speed and agility as that's one of my biggest weaknesses as a player. This morning, when I was out training on that, I noticed that my feet felt lighter, they were moving faster and I was more explosive of the line when doing shuttles and in my turns. Immediately, the training session become more exciting as I realized that all the extra hours I've been putting in lately is finally paying off. However, from experience I've learned that once training is fun because of the fact that It's easy, you're actually not getting any better. It might boost your confidence and your mentality but physically it will not push you to the next level. In my instance, I continued with my planned exercises (that I had done before) to boost my confidence, and to keep it fun and then I changed it up at the end to challenge myself.

Simply, what I'm trying to say - between the lines - is that there's a difference between training to become good and to become great as an athlete. To take the step into the world as a great athlete, one must train on its weaknesses, and while some of it (or most of it) will be challenging and boring, it's what will take an athlete to the next level. I truly believe that although you plays sports and exercise because it's fun, there will be a lot of times that aren't and those are the ones that will uplift you and make you stronger and better an an athlete and person.



Been very quite here on my blog for a couple of days... Saturday and Sunday we went to Trondheim for our game that we unfortunately lost. When we were gonna fly home, our flight got delayed so we missed our connecting flight in Oslo. We ended up having to spend a night and Oslo and didn't get back to Harstad until Monday around lunch. When I got back I had to move out of my apartment and into a new one...

Anyways, after a couple stressful day I decided to take a day off training and just went for a long walk instead. Although it's cold here (60 degrees F) the view is absolutely amazing!

//Nu har det varit tyst här på bloggen i några dagar.. Lördag och söndag så var vi i Trondheim för match som vi tyvärr förlorade. När vi skulle ta flyger hem så var det försenat så vi missade vårt nästa flyg i Oslo. Slutade med att vi fick sova i Oslo och kom inte tillbaka till Harstad förrän på måndag runt lunch. Väl tillbaka i Harstad så fick jag packa ihop alla mina grejer för att flytta in i en ny lägenhet såhär med kort varsel.

Efter några stressiga dagar så tog jag ledigt idag från träning och tog mig bara en lång promenad runt byn. Även om det är kallt ute (bara runt 10 grader C) så är utsikten så fin!



Just remembered that I haven't posted anything about our second day in London. We were so busy all day touristing and the following day I had to fly back very early in the morning. It just simply slipped my mind.. Anyways, we got to see so many places. I think my favorite part was China Town where we hung out for awhile, eating Vietnamese lunch, Hong Kongese (is that how you say it??) dessert, and Edison even got a massage (second day in a row). After our visit of Stamford Bridge, Edison got really excited about coming back to watch a game. Even though we are both Barcelona fans, lol... Overall, even though our London visit was only about 1.5 day, we had such a good time exploring and eating yummy food. Love experiencing new countries, cities and cultures!

//Kom just på att jag inte har lagt upp någonting om vår andra dag i London. Vi sprang runt och turistade hela dagen och följande dag flög jag tillbaka supertidigt på morgonen. Så glömde helt enkelt bort det... Vi fick iallafall se så många olika ställen! Jag tror min personliga favorit var China Town och där hängde vi en hel del, åt lunch, dessert, och Edison gick på massage (ja andra dagen i rad nu...). Efter vi hade varit på Stamford Bridge så blev Edison väldigt intresserad att komma tillbaka och kolla på någon match. Även om vi båda är Barcelona fans, haha... Överlag, även om resan blev väldigt kort, så hade vi en väldigt rolig resa och fick se och äta så mycket intressant! Älskar att upptäcka nya länder, städer och kulturer!

Notting hill 
English breakfast @ Mike's Cafe
Stamford bridge 
China town
Vietnamese food @Viet Food
Hong Kongese dessert @Bubble wrap 
Big Ben 
London eye 
Palace of Westminister 
Westminister Abbey
PArliament square garden 
Italian dinner @Bizzarro



As you might remember I got this book in the package that Edison brought me from the US when he came to visit (blog post here ). I started reading it when we went to London and I'm now halfway through and I absolutely love it! "Mind gym" talks about what important part your mind plays in becoming an extraordinary athlete. Silly as it might sound, I've been sitting and taking notes while reading this book to implement it into my routine!

Once I've read it al,l I'll give you guys a full review but thus far, I love it! It keeps me focused on my goals and motivates me to push harder for them!

//Som ni kanske kommer ihåg så fick jag den här boken från Edison när han kom och hälsade på (blogg inlägg här ). Jag började läsa den när vi åkte till London och är nu halvvägs igenom den och jag gillar den starkt! "Mind gym" handlar om vilken viktig del ens sinne spelar för att bli en enastående idrottare. Låter väldigt löjligt men jag har suttit och tagit anteckningar medan jag läst så jag kan implementera det jag lärt mig i min rutin.

När jag väl har läst hela boken så kommer jag skriva en recension här! Än så länge så älskar jag boken! Den hjälper mig att behållla fokus på mina mål och driver mig att jobba hårdare för dom!



When I was in Sweden over summer break 2013. Me and my friends at Amanda's (black dress) birthday party.

Just booked my trip home over the summer which I'm so excited about! It literally has taken me all day to figure out the best flight itinerary because there was so many trips that had 2 layovers and would take almost 30h... No thanks!! I fly out of Harstad on July 4th to Oakland, with a layover in Oslo. Spend 10 days in California and then I fly to Sweden on July 14th and stay there until July 23rd. We start up again with training on the 24th. My plans on what I'm gonna do during my vacation is still very unclear but here are a couple things I pretty much know I will do:

x Hang out with friend and family especially with Edison (& Pepe), Edison's family and my mom, dad and sister!

x Be outside and enjoy the sun. Finally!!! Will definitely use our pool at our apartment complex in Fresno and then maybe go to the lake/beach as well!

x Celebrate our 2nd anniversary which will most likely be in San Diego on the first weekend.. Edison has a game there so we are planning to drive there ourselves and stay for 2-3 days!

x Visit Stockholm! I always like doing that when I go back to Sweden. For shopping, visiting friends or just hanging out! My sister also lives close to there so then I can visit her as well!

x Train! Although, I'm at vacation I'll have to keep up my training including ball work, speed & agility, weight training and conditioning. Hopefully I can go out to a Freeze training as well!!



As I said yesterday, we had a very unfortunate start of our trip. However, once we got out we had such a wonderful day and got to see so many amazing places. It's mine and Edison's first time here in London so we wanted to see as many things as possible. The tour guide (read Fanny) had put down a total of 16(!!!!) places to see during our two day visit in London. We managed to get eight in the first day! Let's just say we were tired at the end of the day.

Now we're off to an Italian restaurant right by our hotel! Later, cheers mates

Waterloo Bridge 
Trafalgar Square 
Nelson's Column
National Gallary 
The Mall 
Buckingham Palace
St. James's Park 
Piccadilly circus